Through the Mojo Wire

by Midnight Spin

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released July 24, 2009



all rights reserved


Midnight Spin Brooklyn, New York

Midnight Spin formed below the streets of Brooklyn, writing and performing music as powerful and commanding as the roaring JMZ trains and chaotic neighborhood blocks that bustle just above their basement rehearsal space.

Their new album Don't Let Me Sleep scrapes together everything you once loved about rock music and makes it hum again like a dirty, little noise-box from the future.
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Track Name: Rhythm In the Dark
far below the reaches of the moonlight
deep beneath the feelers of the dark
dancing in the flicker of a shadow there was a spark
creep a little closer to the surface
everyone can feel it in their bones
slipping through the shutters and the windows into your homes

if i hold my breath
it won't weigh us down
we fall into the blanket of the blue

you don't have to hide your hesitation
i can see that time is running low
even if we try to get away there's nowhere to go
it's lurking in the attics and the bedrooms
leaving just a glimmer in the wake
help me find the rhythm in the dark before it's too late


if i hold my breath
it won't weigh us down
we could kiss the surface of the moon
only time will tell
if these words i spill
fall into the blanket of the blue

Track Name: Trigger Finger Itch
take this photo, fling it up the coast
blow it away on a mexicali ghost
and if you're listenin', listen up close
the pin gets pulled, the story explodes

hands up and the wallets in the sack
eyes wide with the barrel staring back
the tellers jellied, couldn't help twitch
he scratched that nasty trigger finger itch

led flew and the bullets found their man
last gasp as the maker shook his hand
the headlines rang out killers at large
on the road and guiltier than charged

I can't understand what the other people say
better fire up the ford 'cause the cops are on their way


murder on the dash, said the driver to the spy
you can't afford to kill 'em if you can't enjoy the ride
there's a van, there's a villain, there's a vapor on your eye
murder on the dash, murder on the dash

spent rounds and a teller left for dead
smoke tires and finesse the blue and red
the headlights' locked on 17 south
the hand that feeds keeps slappin' at the mouth

i can't understand what the other people say
better fire up the ford 'cause the cops are on their way


caught a burden and i miss my wife
took a man's living and another man's life
shoot at the sky; i sleep with a knife
but i'm wide awake

Track Name: In the Air (Revival)
rock bottom, no lower to go
we need a new hope
a new place to call home
build up a new-age rome

another riot to take what we can
another snapped: wild-eyed and well-armed man
better use 'em while you still can

this is nothing new


somebody lied to you
we're following another tune
some try to blind the youth
tear the world apart for truth
we want control
the heart and the soul
keep it inside and new
we'll take our piece of the revival

now we're well, well, well on our way
we're the heart of the us of a
line up to hear them say

if poetry and dreams don't bloom
wait a minute, that shit won't do
we can rewrite history, too

this is nothing new


these buildings, someday they'll be gone
and still the children smile along

Track Name: Mr. Slate
at any time and place
backsliding's begun
blood rushes from the face
soul departed and dumb

and you can't explain to me
what we already know
yeah, you've invited it back
no surprises to show


there was a side of you that made me forget
things i'd try to hide
once and again, they're sinking in

can't you tell?

why hide away from the sun
can't be scared of the rays
too much for one to become
not so many more days

so get behind the big wheel
show me you can move
this ain't the second new deal
this is the time to prove

Track Name: Brooklyn's Weary
a call to the weird and weary
anybody such as myself
the god and sunlight fearing youth
with no regards for their health

roll out of your beds, can you hear me?
the speakers up loud enough?
'cause downtown there's a hearing
forget the ones that did not show up


oh, don't stay inside your place tonight
(silhouette under city lights)
we are the ones too rare to die
(kids light up in the city bright)
ooh, sweetie, there's something better
living little to fantasize
all the reason to get together
and take a drag on the easy life

a push through the crowded masses
no space to find high or low
and the animals tilt their glasses
the singer starts singing low

but there's no room on the dance floor
no water running from the tap
i don't think i can stand for one more night alone


you're going through the motions
but no motion leaves you in your place
you take a pull on the potion
emotions start swimming for days

but there's no reason to stay home
you've been bottled up
there's no room for a halo
there's only room to run